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Specializing in Accounting, Economics and Law


Your Destination for Business Translations

Welcome! I am Yael Agassi, a professional translator specializing in finance, with a track record of more than 20 years.


I began my relationship with accounting as an in-house translator for PwC, one of the leading accounting firms in Israel, where I had accumulated the knowhow that I implement in my work. I am familiar with financial statements and with the standard of presentation to the Board of Directors. I speak the language of accounting on all its nuances. It is my art and my mission to provide you with a professional translation that reliably reflects your organization’s financial documents.


My specialty – translation of financial statements and business documents

I offer companies and businesses translations of financial statements, prospectuses, option plans, agreements, and marketing materials. Financial translations are my bread and butter, where I can put into play my extensive knowledge and experience in the field.


My translation is a professional and accurate reflection of the original report, with the necessary linguistic adjustments, that is true to the quality of the original document and adheres to proper accounting terminology. I translate from Hebrew to English and vice versa and bring to each report and project the tools that I have acquired over two decades of translations.


Business translations, particularly in the detail-oriented environment of financial statements, must be meticulous due to the sensitivity of its content. Without a close acquaintance with accounting, even the best translator would not be able to provide the required resolution. I started my professional journey at the very hub of accounting, which today enables me to provide you with a translation that uses the correct terminology and format and properly represents your company with investors, shareholders, the authorities and the media.

Education and certifications

Certified By

The Israel Translators’ Association



Linguistics and English Literature, TAU

LOVE Letter Stamps

clients over the years



financial statements



years with a Big4 accounting firm



years of experience



How does it work?

Over the years, I have developed a work model that is suited for the financial reporting process. Once I receive the report that needs translation, I will provide you with a quote based on the size of the document. For subsequent translations of your company’s report, I will use the previous report as a basis, charging only an hourly rate for the updates. Many accounting firms, companies and organizations enjoy this cost-effective model that takes into consideration the seasonal requirements and the dynamic scope of activity over the year.


Accuracy is the name of the game

Financial statements must be spot-on. Therefore, I prioritize accuracy alongside availability and a friendly service. This is my calling card and the reason my clients choose my services year after year.


When your organization is happy, I am happy. It’s as simple as that. I believe in open communication, receptiveness, full transparency and unwavering professional standards.

You have a challenge? I accept!

I will gladly research any field to provide you with the translation that best suits your needs.


Scope of services

I offer my services to companies of all sectors, primarily (but not exclusively) public companies that are required to publish financial statements in the English language. As part of my services I also translate various agreements, press releases and work plans. I have translated all types of documents, specializing in all things financial. I will provide you with financial statements translated to the highest standard, for a hassle-free presentation to the Board and to investors.

Clients and references


"Yael has been providing us with translation services for several years. She has a solid knowledge of capital market and stock exchange terminology and provides professional translations. She accommodates our schedule, even on a short notice."

Orna Goren, Head of Marketing and Communications, The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

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